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Как собрать куб 11х11 ч.1/6 / How to solve cube 11x11 part 1/6 как собрать кубик рубика 11х11 кубика рубика 11х11 как собрать кубик рубика 11х11 для начинающих

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Методика сборки кубика рубика 11х11х11. Часть 1/6. Сборка первых двух центров.Tutorial how to solve 11x11x11 Rubik's Cube (in Russian). Part 1/6. First two centersFor English-speaking cubers, below is the quick overview of this video and the next parts:- As this cube is big and heavy (around 2 lbs), it is recommended to use a sponge in order to ease holding this cube during the solving which takes about an hour;- For the solving of 3rd and 4th centers it is proposed to do it by "halves", namely solving the half of the 3rd center, then solving half of the 4th one, then finishing 3rd center, then finishing 4th one. Because left side is on sponge, this method saves time and efforts at that stage.- the solving of the last two centers is exact as for the 7x7 cube. There is also an opportunity to solve few layers simultaneously.- although pairing edges is similar to other big cubes, a lot of opposite-oriented edges can be located on the same side with the properly-oriented pieces. It is recommended to place all the "opposites" to one side, and then re-orient them altogether in one move to ease pairing edges.- doing the same on the "last four edges" stage- on the pairing last two edges, it is recommended to solve again half and half, as the parity for 2 halves will be shorter than a "4x4-OLL" parity for a last edge.- the last stage is solving the cube as the 3x3, same as with any other big cubes. In the last part 6 it was demonstrated how it may take forever using the 3x3 formulas for solving due to size of the cube.That's it! I hope you'll afford watching all the six parts, if you're still interested. Good luck! :)

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